Standards - Please also see Documents and Policies

Color Palette and Cluster Standards
Please note that all units that repaint their entire homes are required to change to the current palette. If you are just touching up your paint, you are not required to paint the entire house in the current colors, HOWEVER, just be aware that you must be in the current color palette by 2018.  All homes can chose between five main exterior colors. Each home is allowed to pick whatever color they prefer, provided it is not the same color as any home adjacent. So, if your neighbor picks a color and paints first, you cannot pick that same color! Each home also has new trim color choices. All colors are available at HOME DEPOT and/or LOWES (for the Olympic's "Russet" wood stain).

If you decide you do NOT want to use any of these colors, than you can make an application to the Reston DRB to add the color to the cluster palette. The SGS Board of Directors will not do so for you since there are not enough people on the Board to do this.

Exterior Paint and Siding Colors
Each color has one Behr Paint and Two Siding Options

1) GRAY- Behr Exterior Flat Paint 770E-3 “Pewter Mug” (208)
  • Alside Vinyl Cape Cod Grey (Vertical)
  • Alcoa Vinyl Victorian Grey (Vertical)
2) GREEN- Behr Exterior Flat Paint 710F-4 “Sage Gray” (202)
  •  Alside Vinyl Costal Sage (Vertical)
  • Alcoa Vinyl Village Green (Vertical)
3) BLUE- Behr Exterior Flat Paint 720F-4 “Stone Fence” (203)
  • Alside Vinyl Mystic Blue (Vertical)
  • Alcoa Vinyl Everest (Vertical)
4) DARK TAN- Behr Exterior Flat Paint 730D-4 “Garden Wall” (194)
  •     Alside Vinyl Tuscan Clay (Vertical)
  •     Alcoa Vinyl Pebblestone Clay (Vertical)
 5) TAN- Behr Exterior Flat Paint 710C-3 “Gobi Desert” (192)
  • Alside Vinyl Maple (Vertical)
  • Alcoa Vinyl Sandstone (Vertical)
Each home must be repainted or covered in vinyl from these colors if exterior colors need to be repainted.  The Southgate Square Board strongly recommends that homes in need of painting choose a color above and repaint proactively. Inspections will require you to repaint if your paint is in bad condition or is the wrong color (based on the old palette).

Trim Colors
There are four choices for  trim colors. Numbers one and two can be used with any exterior color. Numbers three and four can be used only with certain exterior colors.
1) Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint 710C-1 “Parchment Paper” (192)
  • Alside Vinyl Antique Parchment
  • Alcoa Vinyl Cameo
Note: This trim can be used with any exterior color.
 2) Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint W-F-410 “Ostrich” (W12)
  • Alside Vinyl Natural Linen
  • Alcoa Vinyl Linen
Note: This trim can be used with any exterior color.

3) Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint 770C-2 “Belvedere Cream” (198)
  • Alside Vinyl Monterey Sand
  • Alcoa Vinyl Almond
Note: This trim can be used with exterior colors 2, 3, 4, and 5
(Green, Blue, Dark Tan, or Tan).
4) Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint 790E-2 “Gentle Rain” (210)
  • Alside Vinyl Platinum Grey
  • Alcoa Vinyl Silver Grey
Note: This trim can be used with exterior colors 1, 2, or 3 (Grey, Green, or Blue)

Door Colors
Homeowner may choose to use any door color with any exterior/trim colors.

Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint
  • 720E-2 “Light French Gray” (203)
  • 710C-1 “Parchment Paper” (192)
  • 150D-7 “Regal Red” (66)
  • 470D-7 “Windy Pine” (98)
  • 550F-7 “Blue Spell” (166)
Note: Doors must be Flat Solid Metal Entry Doors. Storm Doors must be full view, and painted to match the door color or the trim color.

Stucco Colors
Behr P-122 “Navajo White” Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint Flat Finish
Used on all party walls, stucco walls, and the sections to the sides of entrance stairs.

Fences, Arbors, and Gates
Olympic Solid Stain “Russet” (available at LOWES)

Front Entrance Handrails

All homes with front entrance handrails must be painted to match.
Behr Exterior Flat Paint 760C-3 “Wild Honey” (197)

Roof Shingles
CertainTeed Landmark Series “Burnt Sienna”.  Other colors/ brands could be acceptable, but need to match in color and texture. If you are replacing shingles, and would like to use a different brand, please present an application to the Design Review Board.

Windows/Sliding Glass Doors
Choose from white or brown windows: No windows or sliding glass doors can have grids.
  •     Thermal Industries- “Dreamvue” Series; White or Safari Brown
  •     Thermal Industries- 900 Series; White or Safari Brown
  •     Thermal Industries- Euroweld 51 Series; White or Safari Brown